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We custom fit and color every prosthetic eye

Pediatric ocular prosthetics are also our specialty!

Hetzler Ocular Prosthetics Inc.

Hetzler Ocular Prosthetics Inc. Is a family business that is a nationally recognized ocular prosthetics lab based in Fishers, IN, a suburb of Indianapolis, IN. We specialized in making custom ocular prosthetics for clients of all ages who have experienced eye loss or disfigurement of their live globe, possibly from glaucoma, cataracts, infections, cancers, retinal blastoma, or trauma. Our expertise ensures an ocular prosthesis that fits comfortably, looks natural, and brings confidence to the individual.

Creating Natural Looking Prosthetics for a Better Life

Hetzler Ocular Prosthetics Inc. is very well known throughout the nation as one of the leading custom ocular prosthetic providers, producing quality prosthetics at our lab in Fishers, IN. We take a personalized and compassionate approach with each patient’s prosthetic design, ensuring a natural looking eye with a perfect fit for every individual.

We specialize in serving clients of all ages and provide support and encouragement to patients and their families. Our caring staff help to educate our patients and promote a positive approach through the prosthetic process in a relaxed and comfortable way.

We have over 97 years of combined experience in the custom manufacturing of prosthetics. We are family owned and operated taking great pride in our craft, abilities, and compassion for ALL individuals.

We specialize is custom ocular prosthetics and scleral shell prosthetics.

We custom fit and fabricate all prosthetics in our laboratory ensuring the highest of quality control.

We specialize in pediatric treatment of microphthalmia, anophthalmia, retinal blastoma, and expansion therapy for development of pediatric sockets.

We specialize in expansion therapy for burn victims eye socket contractures.

We specialize in scleral shells over live disfigured globes.

Hetzler Ocular Prosthetics Inc. takes great pride in collaborating with a facial clinical anaplastologist that has been invited into our office each month. Consultations can be arranged.

Hetzler Ocular Prosthetics Inc consults with individuals needing cosmetic contact lenses. After consultation and providing appropriate education individuals can be networked with a cosmetic contact lens provider.

Consultations can be provided for patients with surgical reconstructive needs, networking can be provided with an oculoplastic surgeon.

We are established, Board Certified members of the American Society of Ocularists (ASO), College of Ocularistry, and the National Examining Board of Ocularists (NEBO)/ Required by insurance companies

More About Our Process

Patients that undergo enucleation or evisceration can take comfort in our custom ocular prosthetic process. We make the entire prosthetic device in house that results in an excellent fit and the very optimum in cosmesis, motility and comfort. Patients from around the country choose us because of our superior record and patient satisfaction.

Hetzler Ocular Prosthetics Inc. is renowned for our pediatric services and state of the art techniques. We take a step-by-step approach and keep you and your little ones involved in the process for successful growth and development of the child’s socket. The pediatric experience is fun for everyone and rewarding psychologically as the child grows and matures. Watching a child look back at themselves with their new eye is an ultimate thrill.

Once your prosthetic eye or scleral shell is in place, we continue working with you to ensure lifelong comfort, hygiene, and aesthetics. We are always available to be certain that your eye retains its beautiful appearance and fit. Routine polishing is recommended. Visit Hetzler Ocular Prosthetics Inc., and see why individuals from across the country travel to Fishers, IN when they or a loved one requires a custom designed ocular prosthesis.

Ocular Prosthetic Fabrication & Fitting

Hetzler Ocular Prosthetics Inc. has over 97 years of combined experience in the fitting and fabrication of custom ocular prosthetics for patients of every age and causation of eye loss. We ensure a smooth process from start to finish caring for you like family. Our extensive experience will provide you with your precise design and optimal final cosmesis. Contact us today to explore how we can assist you.