Enucleation Ocular Prosthetics in Fishers, IN

Hetzler Ocular Prosthetics Inc. has over 40 years of experience with enucleation and evisceration ocular prosthetics, and we fabricate and fit them right in our lab in Fishers, IN. We understand that enucleation and evisceration procedures can cause stress and worry for patients. Our quality prosthetics get you back to normal life, looking and feeling your best, following either of these procedures.

What is Enucleation?

Enucleation is the surgical removal of an eye. Complete removal of the eye can be required for a number of reasons, including severe injury to the eye, intraocular tumors, infection in the eye or cosmetic improvement of a disfigured eye. In most cases, a conformer serves as a placeholder and a permanent prosthetic eye is placed after full healing.

What is Ocular Evisceration?

Ocular evisceration involves the surgical removal of the contents of the eye, not the entire eye itself. This procedure leaves the white part of the eye, the sclera, and the eye muscles intact. Following surgery, an orbital implant is placed to restore lost ocular volume.

Enucleation and Evisceration Ocular Prosthetics

We fabricate and fit custom ocular prosthetics for enucleation and evisceration patients. Our team creates prosthetics that match the appearance of the remaining natural eye and, in most cases, our prostheses last for decades. We work hard to create a prosthesis that not only looks great, but feels great, too.

Our precision techniques ensure that your new eye is custom molded to fit perfectly in the eye socket, allowing for maximum comfort and movement. We’re able to adjust and refit prosthetic eyes as time goes on, and we perform polishing quickly and conveniently right in our lab.

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Hetzler Ocular Prosthetics Inc. understands that patients requiring enucleation and evisceration need quality prosthetics to return to life as normal. We’re dedicated to restoring your appearance and helping you live comfortably with your new prosthetics. Discover more about our process by calling us today at 317-598-6298.

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