Hetzler Ocular Prosthetics Inc.

Kathy Hetzler

B.C.O., B.A.D.O., F.A.S.O., COO Director of Fitting Custom Techniques

Kathy has practiced custom Ocularistry since 1979. Hetzler Ocular Prosthetics Inc. has enjoyed the opportunity to specialize in custom ocular prosthetics, serving the Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio region. Kathy’s personal love has been dealing with pediatrics. Today Kathy has undertaken an academic Directors position with the COO (College of Ocularistry). Kathy’s dedication to the ASO and the education process has been a valuable asset to the Organization. Kathy has served as Admissions Chair, Medical Advisory Chair (for 10 years), and Educational Chair (for 10 years); Her contribution to the Fellows Program began in 1988. In 2000-2002 Kathy was named the first female president in the 50 year history of the ASO. In 2004 She received the Distinguished Service Award for her outstanding contributions to the ASO.

Kathy has been President of Hetzler Ocular since 1979. She has created a family business that expresses warmth and caring spirits for every single patient. Respect and humor are Kathy’s aspects that compliment her skills in custom prosthetic work. Kathy’s love of art and people is expressed everyday in the office.

Zach Hetzler

B.C.O., B.A.D.O.

Zach Hetzler is a second generation Ocularist. The youngest child of Kathy and JR Hetzler; Zach grew up playing travel hockey all across the country. He attended Hamilton Southeastern Highschool and went on to the University of Southern Indiana and IUPUI. During his sophomore year of College he began training as an Ocularist at Hetzler Ocular Prosthetics. He completed his Apprenticeship and received his diploma, graduating from the American Society of Ocularists educational program. Zach is now a Board Certified Ocularist and a Board Approved Diplomate Ocularist. In his free time Zach enjoys playing Men’s League Hockey every Sunday, watching the Pacers and Colts and playing video games. Zach has a beautiful wife Maddie, two German Shepards; Mala and Vader, a cat Hanns and a bunch of fish. He is proud to carry on the Hetzler Legacy in serving the Tri-State area for all their custom ocular prosthetic needs.

Newbert (JR) Hetzler

B.C.O., B.A.D.O.

Newbert (JR) Hetzler is a recently retired ocularist from Hetzler Ocular. JR graduated from Indiana University in 1978. He worked as a Board Certified Ocularist from 1981-2020 in which time he served as the Vice President to the company well as the Treasurer of the American Society of Ocularist. He spent 40 years creating beautiful custom ocular prosthetics for his patients, and was a very influential mentor and trainer to current ocularists Zach and Kelley. In his retirement JR enjoys trivia nights with his family, reading, watching old movies, gardening, trying to remember what day it is and naps. He helped Kathy shape Hetzler Ocular into what it is today by creating expectations of the highest standard of ocular prosthetics and treating everyone as if there are family.

Kelley May

B.C.O., B.A.D.O.

Kelley started her internship with Hetzler Ocular Prosthetics Inc in 2017. She previously worked as a board-certified optician for over twenty years. Kelley graduated from IUPUI with a B.S. in Biology and hoped to pursue a career involving both medical and art aspects. Kelley fell in love with the art of Ocularistry and strives to grow with every case. Her passion is to help patients navigate the fitting and fabrication process of their prosthesis, and to watch new patients come in with apprehension and worry; only to leave with relief and smiles. Outside of work, most of Kelley’s time is spent with family and close friends. Kelley has a husband and two daughters that are 11 and 13 years old. They enjoy doing art projects, crafts and making one-of-a-kind cakes.