Scleral Cover Shell Prosthesis

The eyes are the windows to the soul, and for some, a disfigured or discolored eye can be a trying thing to deal with. It might not seem like a huge deal, but if you are struggling with a discolored or disfigured eye, a custom scleral shell may be just what you need.

What Is a Custom Scleral Shell?

A custom scleral shell is a very thin prosthetic that is not like a normal prosthetic eye. The scleral shell will be thin enough to fit over an eye that might be disfigured or discolored. These shells are thin and lightweight and are used to help give the eye a “normal” appearance.

The scleral shell will be made and fitted with the help of your eye doctor to fit the eye that you have and to be comfortable in the eye socket so that you do not hurt and so that you can wear it without worry. These are very durable, they are thin, and they are meant for comfort.

They are not like a typical prosthetic eye in that they are much thinner and much more lightweight. Most people that need a scleral shell still have some of their eyeball intact, if not all of it. This means that the prosthetic needs to be able to fit into the socket with the eyeball without adding bulk or extra weight.

How Do You Get a Custom Scleral Shell?

To get a custom scleral shell, you will need to go to your primary eye doctor first to get an evaluation. They will be able to help determine the eye’s health and make sure that it can support the shell.

Next, you will have to go to the ocularist to have a custom impression of your eye made so that the shell can be made to fit the eye and fit comfortably. You will need at least three appointments to help get this type of prosthetic made. The first visit will be to determine if you qualify. Next, your impressions will be made. Last, your eye will be fitted with the prosthetic.

In some cases, you may need more visits to help ensure that the eye is going to fit well, that it will be comfortable, and that it will work with your eye and not hurt you or cause any discomfort. This is a fantastic option for those who still have their eye, but might not be happy with how it looks. These prosthetics will give a more realistic look to your eye and help you feel more confident overall.