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Anophthalmia vs. Microphthalmia

These conditions are both birth defects that affect the eyes; however, they affect sight differently. Here’s what you need to know about anophthalmia vs. microphthalmia. What is anophthalmia and microphthalmia in children? Anophthalmia: This condition is when a baby is born without one or both eyes. Microphthalmia: This is when one of both of the […]

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What Is Eye Socket Expansion Therapy?

The congenital defects anophthalmia—in which babies are born missing one or both eyes—and microphthalmia—which causes a baby’s eyes to be abnormally small—are rare. Only one in 7,000 babies suffers from microphthalmia, while one in 30,000 babies is born with anophthalmia. Even though they’re uncommon, these conditions must be treated right away. The best way to […]

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How Is Microphthalmia Detected?

Microphthalmia is a type of birth defect affecting a baby’s eyes in which one or both eyes did not fully develop, meaning they are smaller than usual. This condition can develop during pregnancy, and a microphthalmia diagnosis can occur in conjunction with other birth defects, on its own or as part of a syndrome. Approximately […]

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