How To Keep Your Prosthetic Eye Moist in Sun

During the summer heat, you might have been feeling like your prosthetic eye is dry and uncomfortable. Before you learn about how to stop your prosthetic eye from drying out, it’s critical that you know what can cause it to dry out. The causes are:

  • High temperatures: Heat makes the tear films on your prosthetic eye evaporate much faster. This results in the prosthesis losing its lubrication, and it begins rubbing against your eye socket uncomfortably.
  • Particulates in the air: Dust or smoke from wildfires and allergens from pollen are characteristic of dry weather and can cause irritation. When these particulates land in your eye, they cause the prosthesis to dry faster, making your eye socket work much harder to keep the prosthesis lubricated.
  • Air-conditioned interiors: Air conditioners remove moisture from the air in a room’s interior. Staying in a room with drier air for an extended period of time will reduce the lubrication of your prosthesis.
  • Participating in outdoor and sporting activities: This will cause your body to lose moisture faster than usual due to the increased body heat and sweating, resulting in lower hydration. This will result in reduced efficiency in your eye socket’s ability to lubricate your prosthesis. Additionally, dust, debris and chlorinated water are more likely to get into your eyes during outdoor activities.

How To Protect Your Prosthetic Eye From Heat

  • Utilize high viscosity lubricants: The best solution to keeping your prosthetic eye moist in the sun is using a high viscosity eye drop lubricant. The gooier your eye drops lubricant, the more they will last under the sun’s heat. Additionally, they will have a better ability to deal with dirt and sweat.
  • Stay hydrated: Make sure that you drink sufficient amounts of water on hot days. This will enable your body to stay hydrated. As a result, your eye sockets will be better positioned to keep your prosthetic eye lubricated naturally.
  • Put on eye protection when engaging in outdoor sporting activities: Make sure that you have put on eye protection like glasses when engaging in outdoor activities and swimming glasses when swimming. These will keep dust, debris and chlorinated water in the swimming pool from your eyes.
  • Wear an eye patch: Eye protection like regular glasses won’t prevent your eyes from losing moisture during hot weather. This is why you should consider wearing an eye patch when going out. An eye patch will protect your prosthetic from all debris and prevent it from losing moisture.

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