What Is Vision Therapy?

Our eyes are one of our most important organs. Keeping them healthy and working to improve vision is a must. For those with poor vision or who may need help with correction, vision therapy is a great way to help you get used to things like prosthetics.

What Is Prosthetics Vision Therapy?

For those that have lost an eye to disease or accident, it can be very hard to get used to your new prosthetic and to appear natural with it. The majority of people get prosthetic eyes as a means of looking as normal as possible after the loss of an eye. If you have not been wearing a prosthetic eye for very long, it can be hard to do so in a manner that looks natural and that looks like a real eye.

Prosthetic eye vision therapy is a great means of helping those with a prosthetic eye learn how to wear the eye and use the eye in a manner that appears natural. This type of therapy helps you learn how to place the eye, how to use the eye, and how to train the muscles of the ocular socket to hold the eye in a natural and real way.

It is also necessary to help you learn how to properly care for your prosthetic eye and how to compensate with your remaining eye after the loss of an eye. This means helping you learn how to judge distance and make your remaining eye stronger after losing an eye.

Do You Need Eye Treatment for Prosthetics?

Not all people need or even want a prosthetic eye. They can help with appearance and can help give a more natural look after the loss of an eye. It is also beneficial to those that want to maintain the muscle in the socket or that want to keep the socket from appearing to be sunken in.

If you feel that you want a prosthetic eye, you need to get a referral from an ophthalmologist and have one professionally made. It is so important that your prosthetic eye is professionally made, that it is made of safe materials and that it is not going to cause any damage to the eye socket if you are using it.

You may also want to talk with your doctor about how to care for your prosthetic eye. If you get your prosthetic when you are younger, you are going to need to have it redone every few years to fit your growing face. If you need a prosthetic, it is always best to start your journey under the care of a physician who can help you from start to finish.