Benefits of a Scleral Shell

If you are researching eye prosthetics, you’ve probably come across the scleral shell. Is this the best solution for you?

As you weigh your options, consider the following benefits of scleral shells. Then consult with a prosthetic specialist to determine if a scleral shell would work for you.

What is a scleral shell?

Before we get into the benefits of scleral shells, it is important to understand what this is. A scleral shell is an ocular prosthesis. It fits over the eye, similar to a contact lens. It moves with the eye and keeps the eyelid in a shape that is symmetrical to the opposite eye.

What are the benefits of a scleral shell?

As you prepare to consult with a prosthetic specialist, consider the following benefits of scleral shells:

  • Eyelid support: If you suffer from an eye injury or disease that affects the eyes, these situations can cause the eye to shrink. This, in turn, causes the upper eyelid to droop; however, with a scleral shell in place, the eyelid does not droop. The prosthetic keeps the eye opening the same size as your other eye.
  • Cosmetic appearance: One of the most popular benefits of scleral shells is their ability to match your existing eye. These prosthetics can be customized to match your iris size and eye color exactly. With a prosthetic that is realistic in appearance, many people enjoy greater self-confidence.
  • Comfort: Scleral shells have smooth surfaces and fit comfortably on the eye. This provides a non-irritating surface for your eyelid to glide over each time your eye closes. This is crucial for eyes that have been scarred or otherwise damaged since the eyelid can easily become irritated by a rough eye surface.

What affects the benefits of scleral shells?

Your age, the extent of the damage to the eye and other health factors can affect the benefits of scleral shells. You should consult with your prosthetic specialist to determine if a scleral shell is the best option for your health and lifestyle needs.

How much a scleral shell costs

The average cost of a scleral shell is between $2,500 and $3,000. The cost varies depending on the amount of work required to custom-fit the shell. For many patients, this cost is covered by Medicare.

Who to contact about scleral shells

Not all prosthetic specialists offer scleral shells. Look for someone who specializes in ocular prosthetics. Make sure they offer customization to create the perfect scleral shell for your eye. Research the company to make sure they have an established, trusted reputation in the industry and extensive experience with the type of services you desire. Ask for references, and read reviews from previous patients to determine the type of experience you can expect with the specialist.

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